Why should I book Prague Tour Run?

The modern traveller is constantly looking for new attractions and unique things to do. As such, and with the increasing number of runners, you can take advantage and see the exciting sites and attractions of Prague. All of this while you enjoy your hobby, and share it with fellow running enthusiasts. 

Is Prague Tour Run a race?

Our running tours are not races but rather they’re sightseeing running tours. We run on paths that typical walking tours do not cover and because we are running approximately 10 km we see much more. 

How fast will we run?

The running pace for our group tours are at an easy conversation pace. This is about a 6:00 minute pace per kilometer, which helps to keep everyone together and close enough so that all can hear the guide. We can accommodate faster paces with a custom tour. Contact us for more info. 

How many people are on a typical tour?

Our tours allow for up to 12 runners. Tours for larger groups are possible through private running tours. Contact us for more info. 

Will there be somewhere to store my bag?

Although your guide will run with a backpack and can store small items for you, such as phones or keys, we recommend bringing very little on the tour. 

Will there be toilets and water breaks?

While we will pass some toilets, water fountains and stores if needed; our tours are conducted from start to finish without breaks. We recommend that you bring a small bottle of water to stay hydrated.